A great school experience starts here, with Jack & Jill’s Private Kindergarten!

  Children are in a safe environment they know and love, which makes learning more effective and fun. Our kindergarten program is a comprehensive skill-based program, designed to prepare children for the first grade and success in school. We want your child to enjoy and appreciate the educational process. Lessons are tailored to meet your child’s individual needs and designed to give children opportunities to explore, question, communicate and create in a fun, supportive environment. We integrate our curriculum with that of local elementary programs so that entering the first grade is a smooth transition for your child.


Your child will enjoy the individual attention provided with a small class size. Full-day instruction is available. Your child will enjoy educational school presentations, which are provided to enhance the curriculum. You will enjoy regular communication with teachers so that you are informed about every facet of your child’s day. Your child will learn more effectively in a safe, familiar environment. The curriculum is integrated with that of local elementary programs.

Learning Centers

Your child’s preschool classroom itself is also an invaluable teaching tool, as well as our Enrichment Classroom. Each class has a weekly visit to the Enrichment Classroom where they will participate in a variety of activities … such as cooking, science experiments, computer skills, and so much more. No matter which area captures your child’s interest on a particular day, he’s developing important skills. Here are some key examples of our many learning centers:

Circle Time

This is where your child starts their day through meaningful experiences like storytelling, singing songs, show and tell, and matching games. Children learn to express their ideas, associate the written word with the spoken word, and discover their world independently.


Children experience art through the freedom of touching, feeling, pulling, twisting, tearing, pasting, bending, scraping, cutting, pounding, shaping, and so much more. They are developing a feel for forms, balance, line, color, and shape as well as gaining practice in problem-solving. They are learning about various relationships, sharpening their powers of observation, and beginning the process of logical thinking while developing motor skills. Art is a hands-on activity for your child.


Music activities give children opportunities to use their entire bodies for learning and exploring their surroundings, build awareness by listening to the many kinds of sounds, and help children experience the release and freedom of body movement. Children will be encouraged to test their vocal and kinesthetic abilities and to have fun while they are experimenting. We emphasize the enjoyment of participation. We have music 3 times a week (MWF). Piano lessons available as well!

Dramatic Play

We have dress-up clothes, props and child-sized furniture that invite children to make-believe. They try new careers, learn to share, make friends, and express different emotions.Children also learn life skills like turning knobs on and off or buttoning and zipping clothes.


Children learn sorting and counting skills, putting materials in order and patterning. Math is a way of finding things out, a way of problem-solving. Through manipulating small materials, children will also begin to understand basic concepts such as big/little, large/small, same and different.


Children have the opportunity to have hands-on, real-life activities that encourage a sense of discovery. The activities include playing with living things, using magnets, magnifiers, sand and water tables. As your child moves from center to center, his or her preschool teacher will act as a guide who will listen to ideas, applaud progress, and motivate your child to envision and think in new ways.      

The teachers are truly amazing! They love on your child & ease your mind knowing you have left them in caring hands. Teaching & being there for them when you can’t. I cannot praise them enough for the peace of mind they give me & all the fun & great values they share with our kids. –Heather Brougham